Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome BC is dedicated to providing a primary prevention program that is ultimately aimed at achieving a substantial reduction in the incidence of shaken baby syndrome in British Columbia. Our goal is to provide timely, relevant, and scientifically sound articles and reports that give parents, caretakers, and the whole array of professionals involved in SBS cases the information they need. We believe the best method of doing so is to:

Educate the public about patterns of early infant crying.
Normalize the frustrating feelings that may emerge because of the frustrating properties of inconsolable crying.
Understand that it is okay to place the baby in a safe place, walk away, and take a break.
Advocate that it is never okay to shake or hurt a baby.


The BC Children’s Hospital Steering Committee on Shaken Baby Syndrome formed in early 2003 to examine the need and potential of a standardized prevention program for BC.  A provincial environmental scan was performed and upon recommendations of the final report, Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome BC was formed. The program completed a large three year randomized-controlled trial to determine the effectiveness of the Period of PURPLE Crying educational program in 2007.  Since 2009, PURPLE has been offered to all families of newborns throughout the province via maternity hospitals, home births public health units, midwifery clinics and community agencies.